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About aircraft noise A website providing appropriate contact information for a broad range of aviation concerns

Aircraft Noise Information

Although written for Perth residents this information relates to aircraft noise.
Fundamentals of sound A fact sheet on the basics of sound and the characteristics of aircraft noise (Airservices Australia, 2011)
Managing Aircraft Noise A UK Civil Aviation Authority document outlining options to manage aircraft noise, particularly where capacity is expanding. Provides significant detail on the measurement of aircraft noise, designing quieter aircraft, operational approaches to managing noise and how to mitigate noise on the ground.

Aircraft noise & health

Aircraft noise, sleep disturbance and health effects A United Kingdom review providing an overview of the main findings within environmental noise and health research, including the effects of sleep disturbance due to aircraft noise, particularly at night. The cost-benefit analysis of night flights is also discussed. (UK Civil Aviation Authority, 2013)
Environmental noise and health A detailed review of the literature on aircraft noise and health, including annoyance, psychological health, cardiovascular and physiological health, performance and impact on children (UK Civil Aviation Authority, 2010)
European article on health concerns from aircraft noise A brief article about the current aircraft noise concerns in Europe and the health effects resulting from aircraft noise exposure. Includes a number of related and very informative resource links.


Airport Information Links to Australian airport websites and related noise information (Airservices Australia webpage)

Aviation policy

Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development The department provides advice to the government on airport, airspace, and aircraft noise policy


Airport Curfews Fact Sheet A fact sheet on how curfews are managed. Four airports in Australia have curfews: Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast (Coolangatta) and Essendon Airports (Airservices Australia, 2011)

Adelaide Airport
Essendon Airport
Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport
Sydney Airport

Information about curfew rules and regulations for each airport can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Transport website
Sydney Airport Curfew Fact Sheet Information on the curfew from the Sydney Airport Community Forum
Airports with Noise Restrictions Information on airports (in Australia and overseas) with noise restrictions including curfews and noise abatement procedures (compiled by Boeing).
Government policy on curfews The Government announced as part of the 2013 election campaign that it would amend the list of business and charter jet aircraft permitted to use Sydney and Adelaide airports during the curfew period. These changes will be subject to further, more detailed, community consultation. Aside from this commitment, the Government has not proposed any further changes to airport curfew arrangements. Should it do so, the Curfew Act requires that a community consultation process be conducted and the Government would be mindful of the impact of any change on residents and on the aviation industry.

Making a complaint

Aviation complaints

A website providing appropriate contact information for a broad range of aviation concerns

Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS) - Airservices Australia Contact the Noise Complaints & Information Service (NCIS) to make a complaint about civilian aircraft noise at major Australian airports
Webtrak Use Webtrak (Airservices Australia) to track aircraft flight paths over metropolitan areas and lodge a complaint
Military Aircraft Noise Report military/defence aircraft noise
Aircraft Noise Ombudsman Contact the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by Airservices Australia
Commonwealth Ombudsman Contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman
Airline Customer Advocate Contact the ACA if you have an unresolved complaint about airline services with Qantas, Jetstar, Rex, Tiger Airways and Virgin Australia.

Insulating your home

Aircraft noise insulation for residential development in the vicinity of Perth Airport

Reducing aircraft noise in existing homes

Note: The federal government’s Sydney and Adelaide Noise Insulation Programs are now closed.

There are a number of ways you can reduce the effect of aircraft noise inside your home. These two brochures were written for the Perth community but the content is relevant to all communities

Last Updated: February 22, 2019