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January-March 2023 Quarterly Report

As reported last quarter, the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) has improved its reporting by capturing data on all complaints received, rather than only reporting those on which the ANO could take action under the Charter. Last quarter’s report complaints were categorised and reported as either substantive complaints or complaint notifications. More careful consideration by the Office recognised that all complaints have some degree of substance and has settled upon what are considered to be the more accurate descriptive terms of “actionable” complaints, which may give rise to reviews and “non-actionable” complaints which, for reasons explained previously, no action by the ANO can reasonably be taken under the Charter.

The ANO received a total of 1,367 complaints during the quarter. This includes 1,220 non-actionable complaints. The remaining 147 actionable complaints can be compared with the number of complaints previously reported by the ANO as new complaints, prior to the last quarter’s report.

ANO_Quarterly report_Jan-Mar2023_FINAL