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ANO releases report on the Investigation into complaints about the flight paths associated with the Brisbane Airport new parallel runway

plane taking off view from front underside

As of 30 June 2021, the ANO received 265 complaints regarding aircraft noise following the opening of Brisbane Airport’s new parallel runway. One complaint from the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance incorporated a survey of 2075 residents adversely affected. The ANO conducted a multi-complaints review of Airservices’ environmental assessment of the impact of the flight […]

Investigation into complaints about the introduction of new flight paths in Hobart

Helicopter in the air at sunset

In September 2017 Airservices Australia implemented changes to flight paths for aircraft arriving and departing Hobart Airport. The changes included a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and a Standard Arrival Route (STAR) for each end of the main runway. The changes altered many residents’ experience of aircraft noise in the broader Hobart area. The effects of […]

Revised ANO Charter published

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The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) is an independent administrative office that: a) reviews the handling of complaints or enquiries made to Airservices Australia (Airservices) or the Department of Defence (Defence) about Aircraft Noise; b) monitors and reports on the effectiveness of community consultation processes relating to Aircraft Noise undertaken by Airservices and Defence; c) monitors […]

Review of Defence’s Aircraft Noise Complaints Management System – Terms of Reference

Vire from light plane under wing over suburbs

To review the effectiveness of Defence’s handling of complaints relating to aircraft noise, and to recommend improvements where appropriate. This will include benchmarking against the requirements for ‘Operation of the Complaint Management System’ set out in Chapter 8 of the Australian/New Zealand Standard 10002:2014 “Guidelines for complaint management in organizations” (the Standard).

Investigation into Complaints about the Perth Noise Improvement Proposals

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During the course of 2015 Airservices Australia (Airservices) proposed three significant changes to the management of air traffic to and from Perth Airport. The aim was to deliver improvements in the management of aircraft noise over residential areas. Two of these changes have been implemented. The third proposal will not proceed.

Embracing Aircraft noise Complaints for a Sustainable Aviation Future

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At many airports around the world people complaining about aircraft noise have stood in the way of the development of the aviation sector. Movement caps, curfews or other time-related operating restrictions, restrictions on noisy aircraft, and restrictions on where aircraft can fly have all limited the capacity of airports to work as efficiently and effectively […]