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New Aircraft Noise Ombudsman appointed

Airservices Australia’s Chairman John Weber has, on Monday, announced the appointment of Mr Kieran Pehm as Australia’s next Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

Appointment of Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

Airservices Chair Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret’d) has today announced the appointment of Ms Narelle Bell as Australia’s next Aircraft Noise Ombudsman. Ms Bell will take up her appointment on 8 February 2017.

Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s Charter updated

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Following a periodic review of the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s Charter, the Board of Airservices Australia and the Chief of Air Force have endorsed an amended Charter, effective from November 2016.

Tim Abberton assigned title as Deputy Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

Australian Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Mr Ron Brent, has recognised Tim Abberton’s role in his office with a change in title to Deputy Aircraft Noise Ombudsman. “Tim has been an outstanding representative of this office for over five years and has represented me at a number of forums throughout Australia” Ron Brent said.

Our view on the flight path validation study

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In March 2015, Airservices Australia (Airservices) announced a proposal for a 12 month trial of a nighttime flight path over Canning Vale instead of the long standing flight path along the Swan River. A subsequent environmental analysis (based on noise modelling) determined that the change would not deliver an overall noise improvement. The ANO supported […]

Consultation on Changes to Air Traffic Arrangements

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Currently Airservices Australia (Airservices) is considering significant changes to flight paths for both Perth and Gold Coast airports. In this context it is worthwhile for me to set out my expectations for what should be included in the consultation that accompanies these proposals.

New On-Line Aviation Resource

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A new on-line aviation information resource centre has been set up to help people with questions or issues related to Australian air travel and aviation operations.

The Truth About Aircraft Noise

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Recent housing developments around some of Australia’s busiest airports, and further proposals for such developments have been the catalyst for some heated debate about the impacts of aircraft noise. Unfortunately the heat in the debate often comes at the expense of clarity, leaving the public with little understanding of what the noise will be like. […]