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Case Studies in Complaint Management

In February 2011, the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s (ANO) office undertook a comprehensive review of Airservices Australia’s (Airservices) handling of aircraft noise complaints. The 18 recommendations were accepted and implemented over the next two years. These actions have seen some significant changes and improvements in Airservices’ handling of complaints, and this further review of complaint management […]

Parafield aircraft noise issues

This report provides details of the investigations undertaken by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s (ANO) office into aircraft noise issues being raised by residents of Parafield.

Full length departures – Potential noise benefits (Perth)

This report provides details of an analysis of data by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s office comparing full length runway departures and departures from an intersection. It incorporates information from various sources and draws a conclusion on the merits, or otherwise, of further research to determine whether there are significant noise benefits in full length departures […]

Assessment of Aircraft Noise Information (Sydney) – Airservices Australia

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) recently released its Review of Aircraft Noise Information, Presentation and Complaint Resolution (Perth)1, hereinafter referred to as the Perth Review. The Perth Review made a series of recommendations for Airservices Australia (Airservices), many of which have national relevance, and when implemented, will help improve the noise information for residents of […]

Review of Aircraft Noise Information Presentation and Complaint Resolution: Perth

In establishing the role of the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO), the Government stated in their Aviation White Paper that the Ombudsman will “monitor Airservices’… presentation of noise information with a view of continuing to improve the flow of information to the affected communities”. This Review is directed specifically at this matter in the context of […]

ANO Report on Fingal Head Aircraft Noise

Over the past 6 months the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s (ANO) office has received complaints about aircraft traffic over Fingal Head. While individual complaints have covered a range of issues the key matters that have been identified are:

Review of Complaints Handling – Airservices Australia

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) would like to acknowledge the considerable support provided by Airservices, particularly those in the Noise Enquiry Unit (NEU), and those responsible for the NEU, in the preparation of this review.